Practice Makes Perfect: German Conversation

Tác giả : Ed Swick
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Gain the confidence to strike up a conversation in German!

Speaking a new language can be intimidating. This popular guide will give you the confidence to start and engage in conversations in German. Extensive streaming audio recordings let you hear German as it is spoken by native speakers. The book is organized around 12 units covering specific, real-world conversational situations. Each unit provides helpful instruction on correct pronunciation, grammar, syntax, and word usage. And each section includes a series of exercises to give you extra practice using new concepts. You’ll find all the guidance you need to construct personalized conversations and achieve a confidence speaking style.

Practice Makes Perfect: German Conversation features:

•Streaming audio recordings of all dialogues in the book
•Engaging dialogues of practical conversational situations
•Realistic example phrases and sentences you can use
•Extensive exercises to help you hone your speaking skills
•An answer key for reference and quick feedback
•Everything you need to talk more like a native speaker