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Part 1
For each given answer or statement, choose the most appropriate response.
1. "We didn't think it was important enough to bother you with."
A. Why were you late for work again this morning? C. Have you made sure the anti-virus programs are up to date? D. How do you like your new job? B. Do you know anyone who can repair my CD player? D. Do you think it is dangerous to use a microwave oven?
4. "No, I don't. I think his stuff is great." B. What are the requirements for doing an advanced degree in England?
B. Why didn't anyone tell me about the E-mail from Mr. Smith?
2. "I don't think so. The last time, he was thoroughly unpleasant."
A. Why aren't Mary and David coming tonight?
B. Did you have a good time with Albert last night?
C. Why didn't Sam come to the party?
D. Are you inviting Fred to your party?
3. "It depends on how many features you want and what you can afford."
A. Do you know how often I need to get my old car serviced?
C. How much do digital cameras cost?
A. Don't you wish that Keith's artwork was less commonplace and unoriginal?
B. Are you going to buy any of Phil's paintings?
C. I like Richard's new CD, don't you?
D. Do you ever go to the musical evenings that Sidney arranges at his flat?
5. "You have to show that you are proficient in English, but otherwise I am not sure."
A. Do you think I should do my master's degree in England or here?
C. Where should I go in England to study advanced English?
D. Do you know why I was expelled from Cambridge University?
6. "He didn't tell me, but I'm sure he must have had a good reason.